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Jose Arellano Jr. is a coach's coach. His coaching style is a marriage of expertise in the sport and respect for his clients: calm, confident and succinct. He understands the most subtle, nuanced parts of the stroke as well as the universal fundamentals. He has forward, backward, upside-down and inside-out knowledge of training techniques to make you faster and smarter on the water. Significantly, he is an active pro with an ever-competitive mindset. He routinely wins races by large margins over bigger, scarier opponents. And when we do row together he doesn't play coach, hes a training partner - an ambitious target.     

Having successfully addressed my own deficiencies makes me a better communicator to my students. As a coach myself, I have to deal with coaching scores of boys 6 days/week and without a doubt there is some "Arellano DNA" in my coaching. For any level of athlete or rower serious about learning or getting rid of old habits, Jose is your man.

Jeffrey Montes


I was lucky enough to learn to row from Jose. I had never rowed before and did not realize how technical the sport of rowing is, and what I also didn't know was that Jose is THE BEST technical rowing coach around!!

He took me from being a complete novice to being a competitive rower that medals in almost every race I row. I always get compliments from other rowers on my rowing technique - and this I owe entirely to Jose.

He teaches you every little detail of rowing - and there are many! He sees exactly what you are doing correctly (almost Nothing!!) And he sees all the things you need to work on (almost Everything!!)

He is extremely patient and gives clear, on the money, visual cues. If you are just not getting it, he is very resourceful and offers many different ways to get the point across.

Jose is so adept at every aspect of rowing, whether it is rowing himself, teaching a beginner how to row or coaching an experienced rower on how to be faster and more efficient and best of all- How To WIN !!

Learning how to row changed my life, and I look forward to rowing every day that I can. Rowing in itself is amazing but knowing how to row well is exhilarating!
Do yourself a favor, and Call Jose!

Cindi Lubarsky

I have had the pleasure of rowing with Jose for about 2 years, roughly once weekly.  This is the best mixed aerobic and strength exercise I have ever done. I row a single training scull, and Jose follows in a motorboat, giving patient and constructive advice.  Jose is forever patient, even though I am a bit klutzy, and sometimes pant like a fish out of water.  With his tutelage, I have developed some style and strength and am continually improving.  He is a superb coach.  If you are interested in fitness, this is the exercise for you.  Given we live in South Florida, outdoor exercise on the water is a must.  All I can say is do it!  You will never regret it.

Gervasio Lamas MD FACC FAHA FESC
Chair of Medicine
Mount Sinai Medical Center

Chief of Cardiology
Columbia University Division of Cardiology
at Mount Sinai

Professor of Medicine
Columbia University Medical Center
Mount Sinai Medical Center
Miami Beach FL 33140

I am an adult intermediate rower, and wanted to get in some practice and while on vacation in Miami.  Happily, I found rowmiami.com on Google.  It was a great break – I rowed with Jose every morning for a week, focusing on several problem areas for me, as well as general technique.  Jose was fantastic .  He focused on what I wanted to improve, and he added a few additional items based on his observation.  His low-key but highly focused approach was perfect.  Over the course of the week, I was able to fix several key problems, and to improve my overall style and technique.  I strongly recommend Jose to anyone who is looking for instruction, or wanting to sharpen up your “game”.  He a great observer, and provides very clear and useful feedback.  His training set-up is excellent, and there was no extra charge for rowing with the manatees (a real treat for this visitor).  I look forward to coming back.

Richard B.

Jose Arellano is a rowing coach with an acute eye and a true ability to see the slightest nuances in one's rowing style. His keen eye and coaching strategies impressively improve one's technique on the water. If you have been rowing for years and want to perfect your style, he knows how to explain the corrections in numerous ways to help you truly understand what needs to be changed. Jose, himself, has been rowing for years and it is apparent in his understanding of the sport. He offers numerous locations for training and makes each session fun and different. I always work up a good sweat-and you can't be the ambience!!

Erin Yanowitch

When I first started rowing I was very nervous but really wanted to try, I knew what a great full body workout it could be. Jose, my trainer, put me at ease from the beginning and was very patient and explained what I should expect and as the lessons continued... I became more and more confident ! Jose's rowing instruction seemed to be in stages, not overwhelming me with too much information at one time, letting me progress at my own pace and as my form and balance etc. improved, he would bring me to the next level. With his well guided instruction I was able to progress with proper form and balance and have fun at the same time. There have been times when I'm lazy and not trying hard enough so that's when Jose pushes a little harder, that's what coaches are for... I have seen a real improvement over the past 6 months not only in my rowing abilities but in my improved physical fitness and cardio capacity. I love rowing and plan to continue training with Jose for a long time !! Thanks Jose you're a great teacher !!

Cathy H.

I've been rowing with Jose for a little over a year now. I went from a training boat into a sleek scull in no time. I started once every two weeks, then once a week, and now I am rowing twice a week…at least. Every step of the way has been fun, but always an emphasis on technique. My cousin rows in Israel. When she first saw my rowing video, her first remark was, "Wow, your coach is really good. Your technique is great." I may never win a race, or even be in a race, but I will continue to row as long as I live. It's great exercise, you get to be out on the open water in Miami, and I lost 20 pounds. A win win situation for sure. Thanks Jose.

Henrietta Schwarz

I have been training with Jose for only 4 months and I already feel like a pro. He has the patience to teach the technique and also the energy to push my limits. I trust him a lot and I am sure that that allowed me to improve so much is such short time. Today I can't wait for the day to end so I can go rowing again!

Marjorie Pilli


Having Jose as my coach, I feel quite fortunate! His teaching approach is amazing, very calm and gives you confidence straight away. After just a few lessons I am now in a single scull. Not only would I highly recommend him for anyone that is a beginner, but also anyone that would want continues training. Thanks Jose!

Nicole Bailey


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